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Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech

In the world of higher education, perhaps no issue has received more attention in recent years than that of free speech. In a new book, Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech, Princeton politics professor Keith E. Whittington presents a cogent and fiercely argued defense of free speech on university campuses.

While the topic of free speech in the United States is often associated with First Amendment law, Whittington makes clear from the beginning that he is not making a primarily legal argument. Instead, he argues that freedom of speech is fundamental to the mission of a modern university, which is to “produce and disseminate knowledge.” Toward the end of the second chapter (which contains an excellent capsule history of the tradition of free speech) he writes, “If universities seek to produce and disseminate knowledge, rather than dogma, then they must foster an environment in which no beliefs are sacred, no ideas are safe from scrutiny, no opinions are immune from c…

Reproductive Rights and Justice Stories

A new volume in the Law Stories series has arrived in the O’Quinn Law Library, making a timely contribution to an especially newsworthy legal topic: reproductive rights and justice. Reproductive Rights and Justice Stories, edited by Melissa Murray, Katherine Shaw, and Reva B. Siegel brings together important cases involving the state regulation of sex, childbearing, and parenting. The twelve cases featured in the book, some famous and others unknown, range in topic from contraception and abortion to pregnancy and parenthood. The field of reproductive rights and justice is relatively new, but the book’s framework highlights the “intersecting relations of race, class, sexuality, and sex that shape the regulation of reproduction.”
Reproductive Rights and Justice Stories demonstrates a different approach to the Law Stories series, concentrating not just on individual litigants and their attorneys, but the various social institutions that play a role in how laws change and unfold. By situa…

Intellectual Property Deskbook for the Business Lawyer

The ABA Business Law Section's Intellectual Property Committee has recently published the fourth edition of Intellectual Property Deskbook for Business Lawyer: A Transactions-Based Guide to Intellectual Property Law, edited by Sharon K. Sandeen and Marilyn C. Maloney. This book containing twenty-three chapters is designed as a reference for attorneys who need to quick information regarding intellectual property issues. Chapter 5 explores licensing intellectual property and chapter 6 looks at IP representations and warranties. The book covers intellectual property issues that arise in specific areas such as probate and estate planning, real property transactions, academic and research institutions, employment law, launching an online business, bankruptcy, antitrust law, open-source software, software financing, franchising, advertising, and transactions involving music. insurance and intellectual property litigation, Electronic Data Security, and IP and the open source movement, ar…