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Becoming A Lawyer: Discovering and Defining Your Professional Persona, Toni Jaeger-Fine

Becoming a Lawyeris both a career guide and self-improvement book that aims to make law students into confident professionals, and possible even happy ones. Jaeger-Fine concentrates in this work on the creation of a “professional persona,” or a combination of qualities (not necessarily academic) that lead to lawyers who thrive in practice. In a legal market that is becoming smaller, the author argues, the more important this professional persona is to separate oneself from the pack.
After describing how firms partnership, mentorship, and technology are all changing modern legal practice, the author moves on to the building blocks of the professional persona in chapter 3. Here, cognitive theory and the Dunning Kreuger effect are analyzed with an emphasis on their role in the culture of legal practice. Then, the importance of habit is discussed at length, noting that 45% of daily behavior is based on habit rather than decision. This portion of the book is especially useful, for any pro…

No Special Day or Month Needed …

to remember the remarkable Barbara C. Jordan (February 21, 1936 – January 17, 1996).

While walking the aisles of the O’Quinn Law Library the other day, a surprising jewel was found squeezed in among the heavier volumes. It was the thin book titled Barbara C. Jordan: Selected Speeches. The book Preface was written by the late Ann Richards, 45th Governor of Texas (1991 to 1995). Reading the speeches, one could hear the deep, forceful voice of the orator Barbara Jordan. Once you heard that voice articulating the truth with passion you could not forget the experience. So many beautiful, inspiring words to choose from in this little book, it is difficult to choose one quote as an example. Here’s a quote as timely and meaningful today as it was when delivered.
"Our strength is rooted in our diversity. History bears witness to that statement. But that diversity is rife with strain, tension, and doubt. A perfect union has not been formed. … America’s mission was and still is to take its div…