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American Lawyer App

The popular American Lawyer magazine has a free mobile app to help you stay on top of news about the business of law, law firms, and lawyers.The app allows you to view full-text articles from the latest monthly issue of the magazine as well as recent back issues.It also provides access to the latest issues of affiliated publications and supplements such as Focus Latin America, The Asian Lawyer, Litigation, and Intellectual Property. Finally, you can also access news stories from the Am Law Daily website.

The app is available for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.For more information and to download the app, visit the iTunes App Store or the GooglePlay Store.

This Year in Hot Dog Law

Today, July 23, is National Hot Dog Day.In honor of this holiday, please enjoy a hot dog (or a tofu dog) along with the following roundup of this year’s developments in hot dog law: Federal hot dog law has not changed since Hot Dog Day 2012.For those interested in the Federal definition of a hot dog, one may be found at 9 CFR § 319.180. By contrast, 2013 has been an active year for hot dog law at the state level. Missouri courts determined that ballpark attendees do not assume the risk of injury from airborne hot dogs, and New York courts vindicated the rights of disabled veterans to sell hot dogs in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.But the cutting edge developments in hot dog law this year are occurring in California: California legislators are currently in the process of defining hot dogs for the purpose of state health law compliance.Bacon-wrapped hot dogs are still illegal at food carts in the Golden State, though.

TexFile to Launch on September 1

The Texas Lawyer blog is reporting that TexFile, the new e-filing system for the entire state is set to launch on September 1.  Tyler Technologies is currently training attorneys, law firms, and bar associations to use the new system. They are coordinating efforts with software companies and counties that handle their own case management systems as well as several companies that currently provide e-filing services in preparation for the start-up date. According to the article, once TexFile is in use, an attorney will be able to  file a court document by sending it to one of at least six e-filing service providers, which will then submit it to TexFile. More information about the e-filing system is available at

Tax Analysts Web Services

The law library subscribes to Tax Analysts web services, which is available to UHLC students and faculty by visiting the law library's website, and clicking "Tax Analysts web services" from the drop-down menu under "legal databases." This database requires connecting to the law library's VPN, when away from the law center. The library's subscription includes the following sources:
Tax Notes Today (TNT) Published daily, provides the latest developments in federal tax law, such as proposed and final regulations, case law, pending legislation, revenue rulings and procedures as well as other agency decisions. State Tax TodayPublished daily, reports important state tax issues for jurisdictions throughout the country. Worldwide Tax DailyPublished daily, reports tax news and developments from foreign jurisdictions throughout the globe. Wordwide Tax TreatiesThis source contains the full text of tax treaties along with the OECD, U.N., and U.S. model tax conve…