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Texas Torts and Remedies

Texas Torts and Remedies by Matthew Bender is an excellent practice guide for those researching a specific type of tort as well as the remedies available and the procedures involved in Texas tort actions. Typical of most practice guides, this source provides a detailed background of the law and references to primary sources of law as well as secondary sources. This six volume set has ten parts including the principles of liability, different types of torts such as negligence, nuisance and trespass, landlord tenant issues, products liability, intentional torts, and issues related to motor vehicles and other modes of transportation. Those who need to learn about the procedures involved with prosecuting tort actions in Texas will be introduced to the different types of compensation available as well as matters related to expert testimony. Products liability and insurance claims are among the other topics that are discussed. This is currently available in the Law Library's reference c…
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Essentials of Asylum Law

The O'Quinn Law Library collection now includes the 4th edition of Essentials of Asylum Law, a manual published by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

Essentials of Asylum Law is exactly what its title claims: a guide to the information necessary to practice asylum law.  Its focus is on the main elements of asylum law: the legal elements of an asylum claim, the five enumerated grounds for persecution, the bars to asylum, and alternative relief options for petitioners not eligible for asylum.  This book is primarily aimed at helping immigration law practitioners become effective advocates in asylum proceedings, but it contains enough discussion of legal theory and precedent rulings to be useful to legal scholars and law students as well.

Essentials of Asylum Law may be located in the law library stacks under the call number KF 4836.E88 2018.

A Guide for Immigration Advocates

The O’Quinn Law Library recently acquired the 21st edition of A Guide for Immigration Advocates, a publication of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. This two-volume set contains a comprehensive treatment of U.S. immigration law, as well as charts, worksheets, and sample applications providing detailed guidance to attorneys in their dealings with the immigration system. Topics covered include grounds of inadmissibility, family visas, legal research for immigration practice, the removal process, asylum, naturalization, constitutional and statutory rights of immigrants, and employment-based immigration.

The call number for this book is KF4819.G85 2018. It is currently on the New Books shelf by the reference desk.

Gorsuch: The Judge Who Speaks for Himself

Some Supreme Court justices stand taller in our memories than others, due to both their influential (or incendiary) opinions, and the public role they take on as Supreme Court justice. Antonin Scalia, one of the most well-known Justices in modern memory, died suddenly on February 13, 2016, leaving a long and controversial legacy. The first Supreme Court vacancy overseen by the Trump administration led to the nomination, and later, confirmation of Neil McGill Gorsuch of Colorado, then 49 years old. Far from a household name, much remains unknown about Gorsuch and the justice he will become. In Gorsuch, a new biography by journalist John Greenya, readers learn more about our newest justice, if not his jurisprudence.
A relatively slim volume, at about 200 pages, Greenya’s book explores Gorsuch’s early years, career progression, and confirmation process. The reader learns about his formative experiences growing up in Colorado, and his experience as the son of a former EPA-head (Anne Gors…


Nearly a decade after the surge in popularity of peer to peer sharing services Lawrence Lessig wrote Remix. Remix explored the issues surrounding the crackdown on such platforms by asking questions such as what are we willing to sacrifice to win a “war” on piracy. What if adaptation could sidestep a “war” altogether? The law is notoriously slow to adapt to new technology. But art and creator based content is growing and changing at an increasing pace. Lessig uses Remix to explore where the war on piracy is failing new and exciting art forms that he labels collateral damage.
The challenge to strike a balance between protecting the artist and encourage innovation is not new. The book relates the anecdote of John Phillip Sousa (of Stars and Stripes Forever fame) lobbying Congress to stop what he called a form of piracy. The new technology of the phonograph had not yet been accounted for in the copyright law and while he was able to control the reproduction and public performances of hi…

2018 U.S. Master Tax Guide

Wolters Kluwer has recently published an update to the 2018 U.S. Master Tax Guide (KF6370.C65 2018a) to reflect the changes made to the tax code by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted last December. The U.S. Master Tax Guide is a single volume tax handbook that contains quick but detailed information on virtually every tax topic with references to the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, and other sources of primary authority. It also contains references to Wolters Kluwer publications such as the Standard Federal Tax Reporter (KF6366.C65) practice guide, which is ideal for those interested in further research. This source also contains a list of important dates for the year, tax tables, checklists, and an index.

The Law & Politics of Brexit

New to the O'Quinn Law Library collection is The Law & Politics of Brexit, a collection of essays on the 2016 Brexit Referendum edited by Federico Fabbrini.

Legal researchers interested in Brexit, or in either British or European Union law using Brexit as a case study, might find this book useful.  There are four main sections, three of which are devoted to specific aspects of law.  The first addresses European Union membership law; the second addresses the potential legal consequences of Brexit for Engish, Scottish, and Northern Irish law (Welsh consequences are not addressed); the third addresses currency law, criminal law, and trade/labor law in the European Union, as well as hor Brixit will affect British law in these matters.  The final section focuses on political speculation rather than legal discussion, but is equally well-written and could still be of interest to legal scholars interested in Brexit generally.

UH students students can access this book at the O'Qui…