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Texas Trial Procedure and Evidence

Attention, Texas trial lawyers: the O’Quinn Law Library recently acquired the 2018 edition of TexasTrial Procedure and Evidence, by Jim Wren and Jeremy Counseller. The authors are both Baylor law professors, with a considerable amount of trial experience between them. The aim of their book, as stated in the introduction, is “to be the single indispensable resource for any trial lawyer in a Texas state court civil trial.” It’s a bold claim (and I, as a law librarian, tend to be wary of the idea of a “one-stop shop” for any area of legal research), but the book certainly does provide a wealth of useful information. 

The book is arranged in the order of the phases of trial, from pretrial hearings, jury selection, and opening statements all the way through to jury charges, judgment, and post-judgment motions. It includes extensive discussion of the rules of procedure and evidence, as well as a number of forms for various motions and requests. In addition to the main text and forms, the boo…

Essentials of Texas Water Resources

Water is a vital, and powerful, resource.  In recent years, Texans have experienced this power first hand, through both drought and record rainfall.  The importance of water issues for Texas will only continue to grow as the state considers questions related to rising sea levels, climate change, and population growth.  For legal practitioners needing information about Texas water law, the O’Quinn Law Library recently acquired the newest edition of Essentials of Texas Water Resources, edited by Mary K. Sahs.  This substantial volume, published by the State Bar of Texas Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section, contains 40 chapters on various water law issues written by Texas water law experts.  

The chapters cover surface water and groundwater regulation; water planning, including drought planning; water management strategies such as conservation, reuse, desalination, and reservoirs; drinking water supply issues; and related topics regarding environmental law, water quality, floo…