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Internal Revenue Service, Practice and Procedure Deskbook , 5th Edition

Practising Law Institute has published the 2018 Internal Revenue Service Practice and Procedure Deskbook, 5th edition (KF6301.S5222), by Erin M. Collins and Edward M. Robbins, Jr., a three-volume softbound set designed to assist the tax practitioner but can also be help to the tax scholar or student. This source has eighteen chapters with detailed information, annotations to primary sources of law, practice pointers, and examples. Coverage includes the organization of the IRS, Circular 230, the rules of practice before the IRS, examinations, administrative appeals, civil penalties, collection process, tax court litigation, tax fraud, taxpayer access to information, and tax returns, among other topics. There is a table of authorities and subject index at the end of the third volume. This set is now available in the law library's print collection under call number KF6301.S5222.

Motions to Suppress

The O'Quinn Law Library collection now includes the 4th edition of Motions to Suppress: Protecting the Consitutional Rights on Immigrants in Removal Proceedings, a manual published by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

Motions to Suppress is a practitioners' guide to removal proceedings.  In addition to a practice guide to filing motions to suppress, this work also includes a discussion of the law relating to motions in removal proceedings.  This work also addresses related topics such as warrants and discovery, as well as other issues that sometimes arise in situations that inspire motions to suppress, such as detention law and the administrative complain process.
Motions to Suppress is currently available on the New Books shelf at the far end of reference desk. The call number is KF4824.T68 2018.

The Law and Practice of United States Arbitration

Black’s Law Dictionary defines arbitration as “a dispute-resolution process in which the disputing parties choose one or more neutral third parties to make a final and binding decision resolving the dispute.” Since the passage of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) in 1925, arbitration has been an increasingly important part of the American legal landscape, providing a less costly and less time-consuming alternative to litigation.

For those interested in the practice of arbitration, the O’Quinn Law Library has recently acquired The Law and Practice of United States Arbitration, by Thomas E. Carbonneau. Now in its sixth edition, this book contains a comprehensive treatment of U.S. arbitration practice. Topics covered include the history of the FAA, objections to the federal policy on arbitration, contract freedom, federalism, statutory arbitrability, adhesive arbitration, and award enforcement. The book also includes a table of cases and an index for easy navigation.
The Law and Practice…