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The Global Evolution of Clinical Legal Education

The O'Quinn Law Library collection now includes The Global Evolution of Clinical Legal Education by Richard J. Wilson.  Legal scholars researching legal clinics specifically, or the development of modern legal education genrally, might find this book to be of interest.

The Global Evolution of Clinical Legal Education is both a historical study and analysis of clinical education methods.  The first half of the book focuses on the clinical experience in United States law schools, while the second half is an overview of legal clinical education in the rest of the world.  While more attention is given to the development of legal clinics in United States, the global state of legal clinics is examined with a focus on specific geopraphic areas, along with numerous country case studies to supplement the shorter chapters. 

The Global Evolution of Clinical Legal Education is currently available on the New Books shelf at the far end of the law library reference desk.  This book's call num…

The Cambridge Handbook of The Law of the Sharing Economy

Cambridge University Press has recently published the Cambridge Handbook of the Law of the Sharing Economy, which focuses on the relationship between sharing entities such as Uber and Airbnb and the law. This book contains thirty-six articles authored by legal experts that explore this relationship further and is divided into two parts: 1) Understanding the Sharing Economy and its Regulatory Landscape; 2) Addressing Specific Regulatory Concerns. The first part begins with an examination of the sharing economy and its importance. Chapter 3, "Scale and the Sharing Economy" authored by UHLC Professor Kellen Zale looks at the regulatory challenge posed by the enormous amounts of peer-to-peer transactions that occur in the sharing economy. Part 1 also looks at balancing regulation and innovation, framing the regulatory response, and who should regulate the sharing economy. Part II looks at specific regulatory concerns and investigates issues related to employment law, tax law, an…