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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Electoral College

The presidential election is almost here.  There is no escape from the news reports and the poll numbers.  With polls being conducted daily on the candidates’ support from the voters, far less attention has been paid to the Electoral College, the other election mechanism arguably as important as the general election. 

The Electoral College website, maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration, is a website worth exploring.  From the simple question “What is the Electoral College?” to the all-inclusive page U.S. Voting & Election Resources (covering federal and state elections), it has something useful for researchers of all levels.  And, just for the fun of it, next time after you read about at a president poll, why not also give the Electoral College Calculator a try?  And if you prefer some reading tying to the current presidential election, try this Associated Press article

In case you forget, W became Bush 43 in 2000 because he received five more Electoral Votes than Al Gore.      

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